Charmzone Seminar Practicing Echo Management

Charmzone Seminar is a unique seminar provided as part of the 3S strategy (sample, seminar, sevice) held by the CEO himself.
It is not a one-off event, but rather an ongoing seminar that has been provided around 1,000 times to 200,000 people since its establishment.
Charmzone will keep meeting with our customers directly so as to have great feedback from them. We will continue to listen to customers' voices.
  • 01 Charmzone seminar Begins with sincere welcoming remarks.
    Charmzone seminar begins with executives and employees’s welconming marks to customers that participate in seminars.
  • 02 Special lectures to communicate with customers.
    Communicate directly with customers and give lectures on skin.
  • 03 Factory visits to transparently open the production process to the piblic.
    We transparently open every production process to the public so that our customers can know how Charmzone products are made.
  • 04 Devoted to customers till the very end
    We never forget to earnestly say farewell to customers and welcome their happy feedback.