1Launched in 1984, Charmzone’s 30-year history has always been a series of consecutive ‘new challenges.’
Charmzone always chose changes over staying at one place and pursued newness rather than imitating others.
With a strong awareness of "We will not make it if it is not different," Charmzone has been paving a way leading where no one has ever gone before in terms of everything from product development, to advertising, and services. This "Green Frog Spirit" started from Charmzone’s sincere passion to create true "masterpieces" that can be recommended to everyone with pride.
Charmzone’s “Green Frog Spirit” is not much different in global scene. As we know the fact that the world is ours as long as our quality is great, we make our products with craftsmanship even if that means we can only make one product. As such, Charmzone products are getting recognized by the world with differentiated distribution channels and marketing strategies. Charmzone can now be found in over 20 countries around the world including China, Japan, and the United States. Charmzone will keep expanding its territories and pioneer the excellence of ‘K-Beauty.’
Just as an echo always comes back when one shouts on top of a mountain, I believe that if I send something good, something even better comes back to me. Charmzone has continuously been sending messages to you for the past 30 years, solely dedicated to making basic skincare products and received great feedback to our positive messages. Charmzone will never forget each and every one of our loyal customers and never stop sending beautiful messages to you.
Charmzone pledges itself to making a better today for everyone and creating a better tomorrow helping your lives to be filled with true beauty.
Thank you very much for your support!