Technology institute, a mecca for skin science where Charmzone’s beauty is born.

Charmzone technology institute, based on technological legacy of Pibo Pharmacy, is systematically being operated, through 4 laboratories. In the Headquarter Office, we launched , combining the technologies of basic skin care products, functional material and each of different kind industries and launched , in charge of all the development of basic skin care products. We also launched , in order to further invent new materials, along with , researching about preventing skin from aging, in Won-ju. Based on these facilities, Charmzone is dedicated and contributes to the skin health of all man kinds, not just simply researching on the cosmetics.
Central Research
Institute established
Biological Material
Research Institute
Charmzone Technology
Institute established
Charmzone Technology Institute utilized
as analysis institution (Wonju) and fusion research institution (Seoul)

Fusion cosmetics research center where new types of converged cosmetics are being researched and developed

In fusion cosmetic lab, based on accumulated technology from the long-term research of basic skin care products, We research and develop a new form of fusion cosmetic liquid types, combining functional materials with liquefaction techniques of Charmzone. Also concerning medicine and medical supplies, foods and Its, through combining with recently activated industries in all kinds of different fields, Charmzone is keep challenging for the development of brand new typed functional cosmetics.

Research Area

  • Research planning
  • Formulation research
  • Product development
  • Technological fusion research

Major Achievements

  • 275 development items currently on sale
  • Total 33 patent registrations
    (4 overseas, 29 domestic)
  • Total 32 thesis papers at international SCI, etc.

Analysis research center where skin aging prevention is actively researched and developed

Responding to the newest trend in which the role of cosmetics progresses from ‘skin protection’ to ‘skin improvement’, the Applied Research Center has applied innovative equipment and technology to carry out research on anti-aging based on precise measurements and experiments. Thanks to such efforts, Charmzone has remained unrivaled within the international cosmetics industry in terms of anti-aging.

Research Area

  • Functional material
  • Anti-skin aging
  • Analysis research
  • Quality management

Major Achievements

  • ISO 22716 certification (2015)
  • Total 345 functional items
  • Total 105 items sanitarily approved in China/many approved by US FDA

Charmzone Technology institute In Numbers

Unqualified products will never be shown Improperly made products will never be made.
The philosophy of Charmzone, based on skin expertise R&D, receives credit for advanced technology and outstanding qualities.
Charmzone developed cleansing water for the first time when cleansing products were mostly oil or cream type and showed unrivaled technology, attracting lots of attention from consumers.
Charmzone is one of very few Korean cosmetics companies in which producing and sales agents are the same. Charmzone thoroughly takes responsibility for after service and produces products carefully selected after 12 fastidious and strict steps.
In 2014, Charm In Cell Cream received the ‘IR52 Jang Young Sil Award’, one of the most representative and prestigious science technology awards in Korea with a great history, and had its efficacy and effects scientifically verified.
The water wasted purified at the water waste disposal plant is almost like tap water with the 7p.p.m of B.O.D, which is much lower than the legal standard 30 p.p.m.
In 2014, Charmzone received two hundred million won of research funding from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the ‘development of Reverse Smart Korean medicine functional cosmetics containing multi-funcational single fraction’.
Charmzone, acquired the approvals of International Organization of Standardization (ISO), fulfilling the international standards.
Hence we are strengthening our global competitiveness (Acquired certificate in International standards of manufacturing selected cosmetics along with quality assurance ISO-22716:2007)
In 1996, Charmzone acquired the nation’s first ‘Q’ mark on cosmetics, a certificate of guarantee of product quality. Charmzone Control Cream became a byword for massage cream and changed the pattern of basic skincare and over 1.5 million control creams were sold for two years in a row.
In 1992, Charmzone acquired permission to sell cosmetics from the fastidious Department of Health and Human Services in Japan, the first Korean cosmetics company to do so.
Charmzone has a completely automated systemed water waste disposal plant that is 363m2 (110 pyeong) in size.
Charmzone products are the most listed among Korean products to be selected as in-flight duty-free items on China’s four major airlines, proving its world-class quality.