Improving Skin through Product

Charmzone has been writing the first chapter in the history of the cosmetics industry in Korea
The first cleansing water in Korea, the first Korean cosmetics brand to be registered as in-flight duty-free product, the first Korean cosmetics brand to receive the Q mark, and the first Korean base make-up cosmetics brand to be established by a pharmacist CEO - the history of Charmzone is filled with records of many “first’s” that created a sensation in the Korean cosmetics industry.
Charmzone was founded with a mindset that makes only unique products
Cosmetics that everyone needs, but not everyone can make. Cosmetics that travels a new path that anyone hasn’t ever seen, but will have to follow. For thirty years, Charmzone has been reflecting the mind of “only making unique products.”
Every product is unique and differentiated with this mindset.
Charmzone, cosmetics for a better tomorrow
Charmzone is different from products that are created overnight and disappear the next day. We are recognized by consumers the world over for in-depth skin research data accumulated across decades, and have now become a brand that represents Korea leading K-beauty. Charmzone will continue to be with our customers in ways to beautify both skin and life.

Steps for a vision for the future starts here.

Carving out the own way, and Making incommensurable products,
The original intention of Green Frog spirit will continuously work on spreading out the whole life of beauty, starting from the skin beauty


BEAUTY & SCIENCE Global Charmzone

Belief in the luxury mindset of customer value
Pursuit of eternal beauty
for global consumers


Future business action plan 100 that creates new customer value

Business strategy
Focus on core overseas markets, restoration of the leadership in the Korean market
Management strategy
Advanced management system Company-wide realization
Innovation strategy
Changes centered on customers
Policy strategy
Cost consciousness Responsible management


Future business action plan 100 that creates new customer value


Future business action plan 100 that creates new customer value

The 3S Strategy Embracing Charmzone’s Sincerity Toward Customers

The 3-S strategy of Sample, Seminar, and Service is Charmzone's core marketing strategy
and philosophy followed since its establishment.

3S Strategy

SAMPLE Strategy
The confidence to say,
“You will see the difference
just by using samples.”
As in the phrase, "You will see the difference just by using samples," Charmzone has been directly communicating with customers through getting them to use actual products, rather than by means of advertisements or commercials.
It was this sample strategy that got Charmzone recognized by customers without the help of advertising. Charmzone's confidence about its product quality made this strategy possible and this strategy served as a stepping stone for Charmzone today.
SEMINAR Strategy
Precious time to interact with customers
Over 1,000 Charmzone Customers Seminars have been offered so far to around 200,000 people and still going strong. There is no competition to this record proving precisely Charmzone's sincere willingness to promote customers' skin health and listen to their voices by communicating directly with customers.
SERVICE Strategy
To provide fundamental satisfaction to customers
Charmzone is carrying out continuos and diverse services in order to bring about direct profits to our customers as opposed to one-off marketing events. First of all, we try to fundamentally satisfy our customers by providing the highest-quality products at the lowest prices through one-on-one direct trading system between the company and customers. In addition, we have expanded Charmzone Skin Town, a new concept skincare service center, to provide the best skincare service with Charm In Cell, the top quality Charmzone line, free of charge.