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The deep consideration and continued passion toward skin troubles turned into perfection as
the Beauty secret of CEO, the Skin-cure expert from 1996. Feel the difference of
Dr. Frog, the masterpiece of skin expert.

The knowhow based on the database of 300 thousand patients with skin troubles,
enabled charmzone to mark the top leading position as the great families of basic skin care.

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In order to counteract against a number of skin care troubles, Charmzone has set out
the most prestigious brand line. Charmincell with prestige based on the technology will provide
liveliness and vitality to your skin.

The 30-year research background is attributed by master spirit of the founder Mr. Kim gwang-seok.
The master spirit which indicate quality based perfection led to the launch of Charm in cell brand.

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Ginkgo natural, containing Ginkgo leaf extract, even removes fine dusts! Through Phyto-energy,
Ginkgo natural provides cleansing with hydration and basic skin care with freshness

Removing dirt and debris thoroughly is of course for cleansing.
But Charmzone cares for more. Ginkgo Natural has become the representative brand of Charmzone
for Cleansing, which provides minimum irritation, rather making skin softer and healthier
for many vegetable ingredients including Gink

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