Charmzone begins strategic relationship with Jordan

Charmzone start "Dead Sea Cosmetic Project" with Jordan-based Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company, seeking opportunity to utilize secret of Dead Sea to cosmetic products, export  and establishment of Joint-venture.


Skincare specialist Charmzone enters strategic relationship with Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company.

On October 29th, Charmzone signed Agreement on export and establishment of join-venture company with Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company, an affiliate of Arab Potash Group of Jordan.

For the signing ceremony, delegation from Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company headed by Chairman Mr.Rami Saleh Abdelkarim visited Charmzone's head office with Jordanian ambassador H.E.Omar Al-Nahar.

This agreement gives Charmzone exclusive right to use ingredients extracted from the Dead Sea.The agreement include development of new products utilizing Dead Sea ingredients with Charmzone's proprietary technology and export to Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company and eventually, establishment of joint-venture company which will be in charge of development, production and sales of jointly developed products in Jordan.

The project will be funded by APC group, a parent company of  Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company while Charmzone provide technologies for the product development.

The Dead Sea is located in a place about 420 meters below sea level, the lowest on the planet, and the water of Dead Sea contains 26 minerals, including 12 minerals that can only be found in Dead Sea.

Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company expresses those minerals are widely used for skin treatment purpose and when when used in cosmetic products, it will provide optimal moisture balance by  providing rich minerals.

Using ingredients from the Dead Sea, Charmzone aims to develop cosmetic products to reach Middle East, European countries and beyond to spearhead great potential of K-Beauty to the world