About CHARMZONE Charmzone chose a different path from the very beginning. Charmzone still creates novelty today with innovative thinking and technology.

끊임없이 연구하는 참존 기술원

Professional researchers at Charmzone Techonology Institute conducts sophisticated researches on the skin type, living environment, habits, and preferences and continues to develop new components and conducts safety test and suitability of containers.

  • 특허증
    Persimmon leaf extract / 10-0367563
    Whitening cosmetic material containing
    persimmon leaf extract
    Skin whitening effect
  • 특허증
    Rutin composite / 10-0374965
    Stabilization of arbutin using rutin and method
    to maintain whitening effect
    Enhancing whitening function
  • 특허증
    EP-2 / 10-0411669
    CBI-700 inside new strain genus
    saccharomyces and the method to produce
    tyrosinase inhibitor
    Skin whitening effect
  • 특허증
    Enzyme active extract / 10-0616445
    Method to produce active extract for skin
    whitening and improving wrinkles and the
    corresponding active extract and cosmetic
    material composite that contains it
    Double care of wrinkles&whitening
  • 특허증
    Ziyu glucoside / 10-0714172
    Cosmetic material composite that restrains
    wrinkle generation and has wrinkle
    improvement effect
    Wrinkle improving functional cosmetics
  • 특허증
    Adenine / 10-1030359
    Cosmetic material composite for improving
    skin wrinkles and restraining wrinkle
    generation including adenine
    Wrinkle improving functional cosmetics
  • 특허증
    CRD-1 / 10-0396476
    Cream composite for cosmetics
  • 특허증
    Xanthium fruit extract / 10-0499999
    Free radical eradicated cosmetic material
    containing xanthium fruit extract
  • 특허증
    SP-VC / 10-0528387
    Vitamin C derivative using sphingolipids and
    its manufacturing method
  • 특허증
    Toco-vita C / 10-0825082
    New vitamin derivative and its synthetic
  • 특허증
    Ulmus macrocarpa extract / 10-0407455
    Polysaccharides extracted from ulmus
    Skin moisturizing effect
  • 특허증
    Ulmus macrocarpa extract / 10-0445430
    Moisturizing cosmetic material component
    containing polysaccharides extracted from
    ulmus macrocarpa
    Skin moisturizing effect
  • 특허증
    L-procera / 10-1051812
    New ceramide derivative and its
    manufacturing method
    Skin moisturizing effect
  • 특허증
    7-DHC inclusion complex / 10-0473716
    7-dehydrocholesterol and inclusion complex
    of cyclodextrin, cosmetic material composite
    that includes it and 7-dehydrocholesterol
    stabilization method
    Eases skin itchness
  • 특허증
    Fermented soybean husk / 10-0710275
    Soybean husk or black bean husk fermenting
    method using microorganisms inside
    bacillus, composite containing fermented
    soybean husk or black bean husk
    Improves skin sensitivity
  • 특허증
    Fermented rubus coreanus / 10-0815256
    Fermented rubus coreanus and composite
    containing it
  • 특허증
    India quassia wood / 10-1312025
    ndia quassia wood extract manufacturing
    method and the use of extract
    Improves skin redness
  • 특허증
    Deinococcus radiodurans cell membrance
    extract / 10-0570520
    Deinococcus radiodurans cell membrance
    extract for skin protection and skin external
    application composite containing it
    Enhances skin defensive power
  • 특허증
    C-SBS / 10-0867679
    Natural liquid crystal composite and cosmetic
    composite containing it
    Improves damage in skin barrier
  • 특허증
    Prunus mume extract / 10-0954216
    Composite for treating atopic dermatitis
    containing medical stuff that restrain the
    immune reaction of helper T 1-type and
    helper T 2-type
    Atopic skin
  • 특허증
    TMP / 10-0423102
    Phytosphingosine derivatives with antitumor
    (KR, US, EP, JP, CN)
  • 특허증
    Korean mistletoe lectin / 10-0423117
    New anticancer lectin of Korean mistletoe
    and its gene and lectin separating method
  • 특허증
    Crinum extract / 10-0794360
    Cosmetic composite containing crinum extract
    with antiinflammatory and antiallergic effects
  • 특허증
    Natural aroma capsule / 10-0622560
    Cosmetic composite containing semisolid
    capsule containing natural aroma oil
    Aroma therapy
  • 특허증
    Prompt livestock excretions deodorization
    and composting method and its composite
    Composting method
  • 특허증
    Denaturalized alternan / 10-0447055
    Denaturalized alternan manufacturing
    method and enzyme stabilizing method
    using it
    Enzyme stabilization
  • 특허증
    Cosmetic skin external application, its
    manufacturing method, cosmetic products
    containing it and cosmetic skin ointment
    Component stabilization